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A Brief Introduction to CV for Guitarists (or Hopefully Anyone)

March 01 2021

CV can be the most intimidating aspect of ZOIA for the uninitiated.  Control voltage... it sounds like something out of physics or rocket science, full of calculations and obscure, unfamiliar nomenclature.  It's easy to get hung up on the eye-catching word 'voltage' -- that arcane harbinger of bizarre Tesla coils and confusing laws named after dead white guys -- but the focus really should be on 'control.'  CV is what allows you to exert control across ZOIA.  

The Compressor MKII or Bass Compressor? Which One is Right For You?

October 30 2020

Can't decide which compressor is right for you?  Maybe this will help! Here is an examination of the similarities and differences between our compressors.

There is no right way to ZOIA

October 25 2020

Our First Blog Post!  There is a lot we could say about the ZOIA.  What better way to start that to recruit Christopher Jacques, one of the most prolific and knowledgable ZOIA users we know!  Christopher shares his feelings on the "right way to ZOIA".  This blog will be a new hub for ZOIA tips and tricks and other Empress news.