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The #1 EQ pedal returns - and it's even better in black

We've brought back the most sought after Parametric EQ pedal with groundbreaking upgrades.
We kept everything people loved about the original ParaEq and added more fidelity and control.

More Control

Whether you're trying to cut through a mix or fix a feedback issue, you need precision! The ParaEq MKII offers the most control of any pedal EQ on the market.

More Sweetness

Effortlessly sweeten your tone with beautiful sounding, super smooth Baxandall filters for broad high and low frequency shelving adjustments on the Deluxe.

More Power

The ParaEq MKII pedals operates internally at 27V, providing clean headroom without unwanted clipping.

More Purity

We’re able to offer the most control without degradation to the tone due to minimal circuit topology­­—the opposite of graphic EQs.
$274 USD

We price and charge in USD because we ship globally, and most of our customers expect it. We're still 100% Canadian, we promise!

ParaEq MKII Deluxe
$349 USD

We price and charge in USD because we ship globally, and most of our customers expect it. We're still 100% Canadian, we promise!

$349 USD

We price and charge in USD because we ship globally, and most of our customers expect it. We're still 100% Canadian, we promise!

How to get the most out of your ParaEq

That Pedal Show Gives a Tutorial on EQ

Mick and Dan demonstrate how to sculpt your tone using a ParaEq MKII Deluxe.

Pedal Intro/High-Pass & Low-Pass

Watch as Aaron uses the high-pass and low-pass filters in his amp's effects loop to tighten up his heavy tone.

Lo-Fi Filter

Aaron dials in a lo-fi retro tone transition that’s often used pare down the signal so you have lots of impact when the band kicks back in.

Mimicking Overdrive

Aaron uses the parametric EQ to boost the front of his amp into overdrive, and then shape it further with changing up the frequency content the amp sees.

Mid-Forward Lead Tone

Aaron zones in on his ‘easy on the hands’ solo sound.

ParaEq on Synth

Aaron explores shaping the Moog Sub 37 with the ParaEq.

Why Choose Parametric EQ over Graphic EQ?

Parametric VS Graphic EQ Graph

Graphic equalizers provide a convenient visual sense of the EQ curve. However, there is a tradeoff in transparency and precision.

The graph here shows the ParaEq MKII Deluxe (cyan) and a 7-band graphic EQ pedal (magenta) both providing a +4dB boost at around 2 kHz. As can be seen, the ParaEq is much more precise in the changes it can make, whereas the graphic EQ affects nearly the entire frequency spectrum. Furthermore, at around 10kHz the ParaEq is providing unity gain, whereas the graphic EQ is attenuating the signal by nearly 6dB. This makes the ParaEq a more transparent circuit than the graphic EQ.

This combination of transparency and precision is why recording studio control rooms are dominated by parametric equalizers, and why they’re a great choice for creative and corrective EQ on your pedalboard.

Which ParaEq Do You Need?

The original ParaEq has been loved and trusted by musicians on a variety of instruments for over a decade. Both the ParaEq MKII and the ParaEq MKII Deluxe feature a low-noise, transparent signal path that is extremely versatile.

With three fully parametric bands, you can simultaneously achieve broad tonal shaping and precise fine-tuning to sculpt your perfect sound.

The ParaEQ MKII Deluxe will appeal to players who:

  • Need high-pass and low-pass filters for precision work at the frequency extremes
  • Want the glorious sound of Baxandall filters for sparkling high end or extra weight in the low end
  • Want to be prepared for any EQ situation

Controls at a Glance

Controls at a Glance


Input Impedance
Output Impedance
Frequency Response (-3dB)
22Hz - 25kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion
< 0.05%
> 107dB
Input Voltage
9VDC Centre-Negative
Required Current
Power Input Connector
2.1mm Barrel Connector
Height (Enclosure Only)
Height (Including Controls)

Customer Service You Can Trust

The Dream Team at Empress Effects

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