Five ZOIA Patches We Love

January 05 2024

You might think of ZOIA or Euroburo as more of a platform than a processor, and we love seeing how the community develops effects and instruments from the 80+ modules in its toolbox. At the time of writing this post, the user community has uploaded over 1300 presets to Patchstorage that you can download for free to explore ZOIA’s creative possibilities.

Here, in no particular order, are 5 of our favourites. 


Creator ambienttrash built this patch to emulate a failing tape deck using a compressor, vibrato, filter, and overdrive. It’s simple but expressive, adding texture and motion with its lo-fi warble.



This patch from Christopher H.M. Jacques uses multiple granular modules for “creating micro-loops within a loop”. The patch will conjure surprising soundscapes from any source.



Saxobone, created by Ryan Holmberg, uses the audio input to control a monophonic synthesizer. It follows the pitch of your performance, and a filter reacts to the input volume. The result sounds like synth brass/woodwind tone where your playing dynamics control the virtual embouchure. Download this patch and give your horn section the night off. 



Fireghosting uploaded this synth patch that doesn’t even need your playing input, billing Our Cloud as a “sentient generative music box with effect controls”. A late title card in the overview video explains “Human interaction not required but appreciated” - you can let the music evolve on its own or start tweaking. We’re tempted to turn to this patch any time we need some background music.



Creator WZ calls this incredible patch “probably the first shooter video game on a guitar pedal”. Use the footswitches to move your ship and shoot the invaders while the music reacts to the action, for an entirely new definition of “the pedal responds to your playing”. Your move, Centaur.