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Powerful Tone Shaping in Black and White

Get our powerful new parametric EQ pedal in a special limited-edition finish.

The original launch of the ParaEq MKII and ParaEq MKII Deluxe was one of the biggest in the history of Empress Effects, so we wanted to do something special to celebrate its success. 

We haven’t tried a limited-edition colourway in a while, and we thought this was the perfect occasion. We’re excited to release this limited run of 500 pieces in a sleek black sparkle finish.

Along with the white-on-black graphics, the pedal offers all the features that made the ParaEq MKII Deluxe our top-selling pedal of 2023, with 3 parametric EQ bands, 4 additional filters, 30dB of footswitchable boost, 27V internal operation for pristine headroom, and your choice of true or buffered bypass.  

Grab a ParaEq MKII Deluxe in this exclusive finish before they’re all gone, and enjoy this exclusive version of what might be the most powerful tone shaping pedal on the planet.

349.00 USD

We price and charge in USD because we ship globally, and most of our customers expect it. We're still 100% Canadian, we promise!

Key Features

  • Limited-edition black sparkle finish
  • 3 parametric EQ bands with 15dB of boost/cut
  • Variable bandwidth per band
  • High-pass, low shelf, high shelf, and low-pass filters
  • Footswitchable boost with up to 30dB of gain
  • Linked or independent operation of EQ & boost
  • 27V internal operation for high clean headroom
  • True or buffered bypass

ParaEq MKII Deluxe Black - $349.00 USD

We price and charge in USD because we ship globally, and most of our customers expect it. We're still 100% Canadian, we promise!

Powerful Parametric EQ

The pedal features 3 parametric bands, each with up to 15dB of boost and cut and fully variable bandwidth.  The lower knobs control high-pass, low-pass, and low- and high-shelf Baxandall filters.  It’s the perfect tool whether you need wide, smooth curves or tight surgical precision.  The pedal also operates internally at 27V, close to rackmount studio gear, for enough clean headroom to handle even the most aggressive frequency boosts. 

Footswitchable Boost

Kick in up to 30dB of gain to help a solo cut through the mix, or to push your preamp into overdrive.  You can set the boost to only process signal while the EQ is active, or to function fully independently - almost like having a separate EQ and boost pedal on your board.

True or Buffered Bypass

The ParaEq MKII Deluxe offers both true bypass for maximum transparency, and buffered bypass to protect against signal loss over long cable runs.

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Input Impedance
Output Impedance
Frequency Response (-3dB)
22Hz - 25kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion
< 0.05%
> 107dB
Input Voltage
9V DC Centre-Negative
Required Current
Power Input Connector
2.1mm Barrel Connector
Height (Enclosure Only)
Height (Including Controls)

For full product details, please visit the ParaEq MKII Deluxe Product Page