Echosystem Firmware Download

How to upgrade your Echosystem's firmware

1) download the firmware file here:

Download Firmware Version 1.07
MD5 Checksum: d0d80930fae0dcd32a570b68d9564ac6


2) copy the file to the root directory of a high-capacity SD card that's been formatted FAT32.

3) insert the SD card then power on the pedal (which may look like a reverb but is actually an echosystem in disguise)

4) The preset LEDs should marquee yellow for a bit, then all turn green when the update is complete.

5) remove sd card, cycle the pedal's power, and you're good!

Change Log

All versions and their md5sums are kept at
1.07 (beta date: July 25, 2017)
- fixed: Midi issue when sending knob parameters.
- fixed: New Tape thing 1 knob.
- updated: knob delay source presets load without ramping to the delaytime and causing
  pitch change. (Unless it's going from two presets with the exact same mode(s)
  and delay sources.)
- fixed: In HW insert and trails presets loading incorrectly sometimes.
- fixed: Delay time export using external tap in bank presets.
- fixed: No sound w/advanced config 'starting up pedal in preset 1' in bank mode.
- fixed: Lofi blue was putting wet in the dry path in wet/dry mode in serial routing
  if it was in the 2nd engine slot. 
- fixed: tap tempo led showing wrong time sometimes with expression pedal
  control of delay time/ratio.
- added: Midi CC's for:
    solo: eng A 41, eng B 42 (send 0 un-solo, any other value solos)
    Save Preset: 39 (send 0-35 to save to that preset).
- added: input rider with all-pass filter mode. (Aqua Ambient)
    thing 1: controls level into the delay line (so
    you can get swells by assigning it to the expression pedal).
    thing 2: Adds in all-pass filter signal which 
    smooths out transients a bit and makes it sound
    like a small room reverb.
- fixed: Factory presets with knob tap source had weird behavior 
  with expression pedal plugged in.

1.06 (beta date: June 9, 2017)
- add mix taper option to advanced configuration. now there's an option that is more heavily weighted towards
  the dry side.
    - advanced configuration option found at green digital
    1. wetter mix taper (default)
    2. dryer mix taper (new)
- added Shimmery Fixed Pitch mode (Red Whiskey)
    Thing 1 is pitch shift in semitones, thing 2 is modulation.
- slowed down the delay time knob response so it sounds more tape-like when moving it around.  
- fixed: modulation thing 2 knob in Deluxe Memory Boy mode.
- changed Thing 2 taper in BBD mode slightly.

1.05 (beta date: May 11, 2017)
- fixed: expression pedal implementation
- fixed: midi clock no longer triggers infinite feedback
- fixed: engine swapping and routing and preset bug
- fixed: preset LED dimming
- fixed: filter blue mode. was clipping at low thing 1 settings
- fixed: crackles in stutter mode.
- fixed: cycling through engines in lo-fi was creating a loud pop
- fixed: really short knob delay times making clicks in ambient blue and multi red.
- upped the feedback in multi mode and filter blue mode
- changed auto stutter mode so the tap stomp action depends on delay time source
    knob = hold and let go
    global = tap to trigger
    local = auto trigger
- can now tell order of engines: after engine swap focus goes to engine 0
- tremolo and panning modes: when delay time source is knob, tap stomp accepts tap tempo

1.04 (production date: April 26, 2017)
- initial release